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I Am A Buyer & A Seller

We have Realtors that specialize in all areas of residential sales. Our extensive, 48,000+ agent network means we will match you with the best agent for your specific needs. Our in-depth screening process ensures you are matched with an experienced agent who will help make the home buying and selling process seamless.


Using our referral service means your home sale and purchase will also support your charity of choice, Kennedy Krieger Institute, at absolutely no cost to you. Real Estate Charities, LLC is a licensed Real Estate Brokerage in Florida.  With that license, we can collect referral fees from other Real Estate Brokerages around the world. That fee is usually 30% of the commission earned by the Realtor servicing the client.  On a $500,000 house, that could be as much as a $4,500 referral fee! Half of this fee supports Kennedy Krieger Institute, and the other half is split between the area of Kennedy Krieger near and dear to our hearts, the Hunter Nelson Sturge-Weber Syndrome Center, and our company for administrative costs.

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