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I Am A Charity

You have both new donors and loyal donors who continue to donate year after year.  They also may be a current homebuyer or seller, or they know someone who is buying or selling.  Here is where we come in.

Real Estate Charities, LLC is a licensed Real Estate Brokerage in Florida.  With that license, we are allowed to collect referral fees from other Real Estate Brokerages around the world. That fee is usually 30% of the commission earned by the Realtor servicing the client.  On a $500,000 house, that could be as much as a $4,500 referral fee!

Since our goal is to help you as well as help the charity we support in honor of our granddaughter, we split that fee with you.  Therefore, your charity would receive $2,250 of the fee we collected.  The other half is split between Real Estate Charities and the charity we support, the Hunter Nelson Sturge-Weber Syndrome Center at Kennedy Krieger Institute. 

All you have to do is send an email or letter to your donors (we supply a template for you), and let us do the rest.  When your donors use one of our preferred Realtors, you earn money.  It's really that simple! Fill out the form below to sign up as a registered charity with Real Estate Charities. 

Charity Information

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